Obnots is a team that has created a short movie for the Boston 48 Hour Film Project every year since 2004. The 48 Hour Film Project is a worldwide filmmaking competition where teams have just 48 hours (Friday 7pm - Sunday 7pm) to make a 4 to 7 minute long movie. On Friday, each team draws a genre out of a hat and receives the required elements: the line of dialogue, prop, and character. Joed Polly, Jeff Mission, and Andrew Sewell founded the team, but over the years many talented and creative friends have joined to write, act, work behind the scenes, and collaborate. We completed our twentieth movie, Porcelaino P.I. in May 2021.

Newest Movie

This is team Obnots' twentieth film! For this one, we drew 'film noir' as the genre, had to use a coffee cup as the prop, Roman or Roma Turcott, Executive Director as the character, and “I can’t remember where or when” as the required line. We made it to the Best Of Boston screening and were nominated for Best Use of Genre, Best Use of Character, and Best Cinematography. This is version 1.5 with lots of small fixes and adjustments made.


Cast & Crew: B. Zeb Polly, Bahar Baharloo, Ben Guaraldi, Dan Strange, Inky Stainsworth, J.M. Moss, Jaden Andrea, Jeff Matson, Jen Buckingham, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, Nick ‘Fig’ Figueiredo, and Vinyl Blight.

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