The small four-person cast and crew take their turns acting and being part of the crew. Some funny moments occur here and there. Watch to the end for an obscene number of takes of Joed delivering one of his lines as the show host.


Cast & Crew: Jen Buckingham, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, and Nick ‘Fig’ Figueiredo.


Come take a tour of Obnots tiny set and get a better idea of how The Fixture was made. Due to COVID-19, we filmed outdoors under a canopy (which blocked bright afternoon sun, and later a heavy thunderstorm). There are also some extended scenes, funny footage we didn't use, and don't miss the sexy puns at the end of the video.


Cast & Crew: B. Zeb Polly, Ben Guaraldi, Eve Pogoda, JenFish, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, Nick ‘Fig’ Figueiredo, and Ray Carre.


In April 2020, team Obnots took part in the 'Stuck at Home 48 Hour Film Project' challenge and made their seventeenth movie, Laundry Day. It involved filming at seven different locations (eight when you count the narrator) in five different states. Because of this, a lot of stuff was recorded! Here are the resulting outtakes, deleted scenes, and even an alternate ending.


Cast & Crew: Bahar Baharloo, Ben H. Kram, Eve Pogoda, Jeff Mission, J.M. Moss, JenFish, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, L.A. Sweet, Nick ‘Fig’ Figueiredo, OA, Ray Carre, Sharon Kubo, and Zeb Polly.


Team Obnots sixteenth movie, Fertility, had a abundance of footage to work with (3.5 hours!) so there was quite a lot of material to select from for this outtakes and behind-the-scenes video. You definitely need to watch the actual Fertility movie before watching this, or you'll have spoilers coming out of your ears. There are quite a few silly moments here! This video ends with a couple minutes of bootleg footage that Joed recorded at the 'Boston 48HFP Best Of' screening that took place at the Somerville Theater, to capture some audience reactions for Obnots members that couldn't attend either screening.


Cast & Crew: Abigail Bower, Benjamin Garton, Dan Strange, Gregory Lohman, J.M. Moss, Jeff Mission, Jen Buckingham, Jess Riggs Garton, Joed Polly, L.A. Sweet, Nick ‘Fig’ Figueiredo, and Ray Carre.


The filming of Code of the Road was more focused than usual due to the unique situation of shooting inside a VW bus for about half of the movie. This resulted in smaller film crews, less footage overall, and thus less silly outtakes than usual – but it also helped get the movie turned in on time. However, there is definitely some fun bonus footage and outtakes to create this video. The highlights here are probably when Ben has metal shavings added to his beard to make him look older (why?!), and the Medford Fire Department visiting us right after we finished the campfire-in-the-woods scene (thankfully we got our last shot completed before hearing the sirens coming).


Cast & Crew: Abigail Bower, Benjamin Garton, Clara LaFrance, Dan Strange, JM Moss, Irina Peligrad, Jeff Mission, Jen Buckingham, Jess Riggs Garton, Joed Polly, Nick ‘Fig’ Figueiredo, and cameo by Ben Guaraldi.


Team Obnots' fourteenth movie, The War of Two Sides, had two crews shooting – one in Somerville, MA and one 3200 miles away in Fairbanks, AK. Assembled here are all the leftover outtakes, bloopers, and other behind-the-scenes moments. 10% of this is probably footage of our 18-month old actress staring into the lens of the camera with squinty eyed looks of suspicion.


Cast & Crew: Avery Johnson-Kennedy, B. Zeb Polly, Eve Pogoda, Jeff Mission, Jenn Zawadzkas, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, Nick ‘Fig’ Figueiredo, Peter Zawadzkas, Raif Johnson-Kennedy, and Sharon Kubo.


With almost four hours of footage, there was plenty of leftover goofiness, bloopers, and deleted shots from Idaho James: Treasure Hunter. See the behind-the scenes of the dummy drop, watch as we attempt to film fights scenes, and marvel as the Triplets try to eat a single donut without laughing.


Cast & Crew: Bahar Baharloo, Dan Strange, Gabriella Thurman, Jeff Mission, JM Moss, Joed Polly, L.A. Sweet, Leslie Diamond, Mandee Macchia, Sharon Kubo, Xala, and Honey Bee.


Obnots' twelfth movie 'Hey Buddy!' rides the edge between dark and silly. So unsurprisingly, we had a lot of amusing leftover footage. Rest assured that we always make sure to bust up laughing at all the correct times. Watch until the end to see Sharon, Jeff, and Joed do their voice acting for the Tree, Dog, Lampshade, and Toilet characters.


Cast & Crew: Abigail Bower, Gabriella Thurman, Irina Peligrad, Jack Graham, Jeff Mission, Joed Polly, L.A. Sweet, Leslie Diamond, Nick Colangelo, and Sharon Kubo.


So obviously you'll need to watch 'Hey Buddy!' first in order for this 60-second commercial for Palidone to make sense. We originally wanted to have this ad play after the credits in the movie that we turned in, but there wasn't enough time to complete it during the 48 hours. In fact, it also needed more footage in order to have enough content to go with the excellent voiceover that Jeff and Sharon had already recorded, so Leslie and Joed shot a few more scenes later on.


Cast & Crew: Christine Kozol, Jack Graham, Jeff Mission, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, Nick Colangelo (music), and Sharon Kubo.


Obnots' eleventh movie, Ink, was a bit on the darker side, but there were still plenty of silly moments and behind-the-scene antics to fill an entire outtakes movie. Watch us do weird squid stuff in an office bathroom.


Cast & Crew: Benjamin Garton, CJB, Dan Strange, Inky Stainsworth, Irina Peligrad, Jeff Mission, Jen Buckingham, Jess Riggs Garton, Joanne Sewell, Joed Polly, JM Moss, Leslie Diamond, Mary Patterson, Nick Colangelo, Serial Krusher, and Zeb Polly.


Here are the outtakes from Obnots' tenth movie, It Fell From The Sky. We had a lot of fun filming this one, so there are a lot of goofy moments, despite the fact that Joed (director, camera dude) slowly got more and more ill during filming and ended up losing his voice for two weeks.


Cast & Crew: Benjamin Garton, Dabu, Dan Strange, Irina Peligrad, Jack Graham, Jeff Mission, Jess Riggs Garton, Joed Polly, JM Moss, Leslie Diamond, and Lia Mahmoudian.


These are the outtakes from Obnots' ninth movie, Thanks A Lot Hobo Sorcerer. Watch as we waste a third of the day making sure the shoe landing in the poop is just right. Watch as we play around with the vortex visuals and laugh about it.


Cast & Crew: Bahar Baharloo, CJB, Dan Strange, Ian Lippincott, Irina Peligrad, Jeff Mission, Joed Polly, John Dill, JM Moss, Leslie Diamond, O'Ryan Johnson, Patrick Nichols, Serial Krusher, Tiffany LaRoche, Vinyl Blight, and Xala.


Here are the outtakes from Obnot's eighth movie, Working Stiff. There are some amusing unused takes, little bits we didn't end up fitting in the movie, and the usual behind-the-scenes stuff. In the thumbnail image, that is Joed adjusting the ghost's head position by nose-steering.


Cast & Crew: Bahar Baharloo, CJB, Dorothy Bassett, Eve Pogoda, Honey Bee, Ian Lippincott, Jeff Mission, Jess Riggs, Joed Polly, John Dill, Leslie Diamond, Patrick Nichols, Tiffany LaRoche, and Uncle.


Here are some amusing outtakes and deleted scenes from Obnots' seventh movie, High Art. The laser scene with Irina would have ended up in the real movie except it doesn't really fit anywhere with the way we shot the break-in sequence, so now it's a deleted scene. Many good chuckles in this one!


Cast & Crew: Benjamin "Shwilly B" Garton, Courtney Jane Brown, Dabu, Dan Strange, Gir Bullmastiff, Irina Peligrad, Jeff Mission, Jess Riggs, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, Patrick Nichols, Sarah Pierce, and Tiffany LaRoche.


Here are the outtakes from Obnots' sixth movie, Shattered World. This contains all of the excess nonsense from the most nonsensical movie we ever made. It is important to watch this for the slow motion milk blast scenes.


Cast & Crew: Alexa Cohn, Alicia Walker, Ammon EP, Ben Kram, Chris Williams, Eartha Harris, Heidi Fjeldheim, Irina Peligrad, Jeff Mission, Jeremy Smith, Joed Polly, Karla Unger-Laffin, Leslie Diamond, Meytal Kotik, Nick Colangelo, Nicole Barron, Sarahbeth Anderson, Tess Lee, Thomas Munro, Tiffany LaRoche, and Zeb Polly.


Here are the outtakes from Obnots' fifth movie, Special Encounters. The first half are the outtakes, and the second half includes extra bonus dating service interviews. Chris Williams and Rod Webber did the majority of the camera work (with Jeff Mission and and Chyle Crossley as well), and Team Obnots was the director (Joed left for five hours to go to a wedding). Check it out, there are some good laughs in here! Don't ask how the sight of flowers and chocolates might kill someone though – have no idea.


Cast & Crew: Alli Poirot, Andrew Sewell, Ben Kram, Benjamin "Shwilly B" Garton, Chris Williams, Chyle Crossley, Eve Pogoda, Heidi Fjeldheim, Irina Peligrad, Jeff Mission, Joed Polly, Katya Popova, Kyle Fiske, Rod Webber, and Tiffany LaRoche.


Here are the outtakes from Obnots' fourth movie, Love Bites. This one is pretty entertaining! Hopefully nothing in here embarrasses the lovely cast too much. Andrew and Irina, we laugh *with* you when you trip and fall! And of course it's a "hahaha ...awww" sort of a laugh. Watch to the end for an extra scene starring Ben Guaraldi filmed purposefully for the outtakes.


Cast & Crew: Amanda Laws, Andrew Lindsay, Andrew Sewell, Ben Guaraldi, Ben Kram, Giocchina Viaggio, Heidi Fjeldheim, Irina Peligrad, Jeff Mission, Jeremy Smith, Joanne Sewell, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, Pat Nichols, Tim Brenner, and Zev Fisher. Plus additional cast.


We had some extra silly left over from shooting Obnots' third movie, The Hardly Boys. Honestly, this is probably more fun to watch if you were part of the making of the movie, but hopefully it's amusing either way. The scene pictured above is one of the finest moments ever recorded in Obnots history.


Cast & Crew: Andrew Sewell, Annie Berman, Ben Kram, Chyle Crossley, Cory Schuman, David Rodal, Jeff Mission, Jeremy Smith, Joed Polly, Leslie Diamond, Rachel Imbriglio, and Stephanie Bruce. Plus additional cast.


Surprisingly. there are no bloopers or outtakes for Obnots' second movie, A-pearl-calypse Now. We used up every last bit of amusing footage in the movie itself.


Here are the outtakes and bloopers from team Obnots' first movie, Tarts & Hose. There seems to a decent amount of leftover wacky footage when you're dancing with hoses and brooms, occasionally in public. I suppose it's even funnier if you happened to be one of the six people "there".


Cast & Crew: Andrew Sewell, Jeff Mission, Joed Polly, Stephanie Bruce, Amanda Laws, and Pat Nichols.

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